about me...

I work a full-time day job that has nothing to do with sewing - but is filled with creative thinking. Sewing and crafting has always been an interest of mine. Over the years, I have always had some sort of hobby or craft going on - knitting, crocheting, beading, sewing. I started focusing on bags and purses about 2-3 years ago. Now, I've made it my primary hobby/passion project.

I create every one of my products from scratch with my own two hands, with utmost care and attention. My vision has always been to sew unique, quality products that are practical, affordable, beautiful and vegan friendly using my favourite fabrics, cork/faux leathers and canvas. 

My "studio" has expanded in the past couple of months. I now occupy TWO rooms in my small house instead of one. Woohoo!

Nothing about this venture has been quick or easy or cheap - far from it - but it's the most satisfying and rewarding thing I've ever done. I've learned so much in the past 2+ years and am still filled with ideas and ambition for what's yet to come. While I may be a small operation, I work hard and with LOTS of love for what I do.

The name Boxerdesigns comes from the pups that rule our house. The images in my logo are the actual faces of my two dogs right now.  The left one is Coola and the right one is Tyson.